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Global Advanced Research Publication House is a open access publication house for a large number of high quality and peer reviewed journals in all the fields of Science, Technology and Humanities. Students, faculty members, Ph.D. Scholars and Scientists involved in research can make the most of this growing global forum to publish papers covering their original research or extended versions of already published conference/journal papers, scholarly journals, academic articles, etc.

Instructions for Author

Global Advanced Research Publication House are open access journal that provides rapid publication (Quarterly) of articles in all areas of the subject.

Evaluation of submitted paper/article is free of cost but iff submitted manuscript is accepted after review, the author has a submit publication fee via our online payment system to get the manuscript. Current paper publication / processing fees are 1500/- INR for Indian Author and 50 USD for Foreign Author.

Also make sure that the similarity index of submitted manuscript is below 20% as per IJRCIT policy otherwise the paper will be declared as plagiarized immediately after establishing that it violates the policy.


1. This one basic requirement must be adhered to:
2. Type area on a page is standard Letter( 8.5'' x 11''). All text should be fully justified. Margins for this type area: top 0.38'', bottom 0.25'; left 1, right 1.


Paper Title: CAPITAL LETTERS. 12 point type (Times Roman)

Author's Name: Capitalize Each Word, 10 point type (Times Roman)

Affiliation(s): Capitalize Each Word case, 10 point type (Times Roman)

Head: BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS. 10 point type (Times Roman)

Sub Head (if applicable): Lower case, 10 point (Times Roman)

Leave 2 line spaces between title and author names/affiliation.

Leave 3 line spaces between author/affiliation and start of abstract head

Your chapter should begin with a brief Abstract and keywords.

Paper Title, Autor Names/Affiliations, Abstract and Kerywords should be in single column format followed by the rest of the paper in double column format.


Text type should be 10 point Times Roman. Text should be single spaced. First line of all paragraphs should be indented and there should be one line gap between consecutive paragraphs.

HEADS / Sub Heads

Levels of subheads should be easily distinguishable from each other with the use of numbers. There should be one line spaces before each subhead and one line space after each sub head.



1. Figures and tables may appear printed directly in the text and should be black and white or grayscale.
2. Figure should appear soon after the citation in the text or if it is too large at the end of the manuscript.

Legends/Captions for figures

Text type should be 10 point Times Roman (eg; Figure 1. Caption). A caption should be provided for each figure. The legend should be typed into the manuscript, directly beneath the figure.

Legends are to be listed in numerical order, labeled as “Figure 1”, “Figure 2”, etc.


Indent tables slightly from the left margin, if it is necessary to use the full width of the page.

Titles/Captions for tables

The table caption should be typed to the width of the table itself and typed above the table. Text type of table caption should be 10 point Times Roman (e.g., Table 1.Caption). Number the titles of the tables consecutively in the order of their first citation in the text. Be sure that each table caption is headed as “Table 1”, “Table 2”, etc. within each chapter.

Both figures and tables must be cited in the text.


References text type should be 10 point (Times Roman) at the end.

References can be listed in the order in which they appear in the text (cited by numbers) or in alphabetical order (cited by author name and year).


Author Photo

Text should be 10 point Times Roman.Author name received the B.E. and M.Tech. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Shibaura Institute of Technology in 1997 and 1999, respectively. During 1997-1999, he stayed in Communications Research Laboratory (CRL), Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Japan to study digital beam forming antennas, mobile satellite communication systems, and wireless access network using stratospheric platforms. He now with DDI Tokyo Pocket Telephone, Inc

Call For Paper


IJRCIT – December 2020
e-ISSN: 2455-3743
Vol. 6, Issue 1

Important Dates
Paper Submission Date: 20 December 2020
Acceptance Notification: 25 December 2020
Online Publication Date: 28 December 2020
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Call For Paper


IJAITE – January 2021
e-ISSN: 2455-6491
Vol. 6, Issue 1

Important Dates
Paper Submission Date: 20 January 2021
Acceptance Notification: 25 January 2021
Online Publication Date: 28 January 2021
Submit your manuscript to